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PEI ACL’s position is one of full citizenship in which people with intellectual disabilities and their families lead good lives in welcoming communities.  We advocate for the full inclusion of people who have an intellectual disability in all aspects of community life.  

The policy statements are designed to assist families, self-advocates, staff and volunteer leaders at the local and provincial level to advocate on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The policies can be used as tools for educating and mentoring new leaders, as well as communicating to community partners the values, issues and positions that drive our work of inclusion.  We work together with people who have an intellectual disability and their families to shape public policy by:

  • Developing position papers on relevant issues
  • Collaborating with organizations that share our vision
  • Analyzing and responding to government policy and legislation
  • Sharing what we know with the Government of Prince Edward Island
  • Making sure our members have the right tools to make our voices heard

Social Policy Issues framed around the UNCRPD:

Many important advances in the community living movement have been made possible by committed individuals who take the time to make a difference – whether it be a few seconds to sign a petition, a minute to fill out a survey, 30 minutes to write a letter to the editor, or an hour to meet with an MLA. We’re working to make a difference but we need your help.