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PEIACL seeks to promote and create a fair and inclusive community where everyone can participate and fulfil their potential. We celebrate individual differences and seek to ensure that everyone is treated with respect. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity where anyone of any form of intellectual disability —regardless of age, cultural background, gender expression, or sexual orientation— can belong and participate fully in all aspects of community life.

PEIACL’s main goal is to empower people with intellectual disabilities and their families to lead the way in self-advocacy and advancing inclusion in their communities. We recognize the rights for everyone to have a full range of life choices, including access to education, affordable and appropriate housing, leisure options, gainful employment, and participation in the community.

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PEIACL is a member of Inclusion Canada

Inclusion Canada’s national federation includes 13 Provincial/Territorial member organizations and over 300 local associations. Inclusion Canada is the only national organization that works solely on behalf of people who have an intellectual disability and their families. As a federation, we are committed to ensuring people with an intellectual disability realize the rights to which they are entitled under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
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The work that PEIACL does is guided by the work Inclusion Canada does, including Inclusion Canada Position Statements which make clear Inclusion’s position on thematic issues in various key priority areas, and bring detail to Inclusion Canada’s beliefs and values with respect to principles that we believe must guide the processes involved.
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There are many ways that you can help PEI ACL support people with intellectual disabilities and their families.