If you need an advocate or support, PEIACL can help.
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PEIACL’s main goal is to empower people with intellectual disabilities and their families to lead the way in self-advocacy and advancing inclusion in their communities. We recognize the rights for everyone to have a full range of life choices, including access to education, affordable and appropriate housing, leisure options, gainful employment, and participation in the community.

Guided by the needs of each individual, we provide support and advocacy services in various environments, such as schools, government offices, places of employment, and family homes.

We offer:

  • Information, resources and contacts to a wide range of services and supports
  • Active support in planning meetings in schools, family homes, AccessAbility and financial assistance, and with other NGO service providers and support teams
  • Facilitation of partnerships between families and professionals
  • Conflict resolution
  • Workshop presentations and representation on committees
  • Parent support networks and parent-to-parent connections
  • A supportive, listening ear and a strong voice when needed

Our definition of Family

Family includes everyone an individual considers family, whether they be natural, adopted, foster, caregivers, friends, or advocates.

Who do we support?

The PEIACL Supporting Families program supports individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as parents, guardians, and siblings of persons with an intellectual disability.

The program requires a minimum self-identified diagnosis. The program supports people of all ages, from all regions of the province, including those who do not hold resident status. The Supporting Families program also supports people living in residential facilities and on First Nations Communities when requested.

When do families connect to PEIACL?

  • When they need help navigating the issues, services, agencies, and programs on PEI
  • At birth, with a new diagnosis, or at any time throughout the lifespan of the individual the family is supporting
  • At various transition times in the lives of their loved ones

Families stay involved after receiving support because of:

  • Networking opportunities with other families
  • Education, training, and family events
  • Sense of community, a safe space to be a family who is included and supported
  • Provision of resources
  • Acknowledgement that there is still work to do to make effective change for families on PEI
  • Shared passion for the vision and work of PEIACL

If you need an advocate or support, PEIACL can help.

Call:  902-439-4607 or email:



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