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National Inclusive Education Week 2011

To highlight National Inclusive Education Week and to bring attention to the many positive examples of inclusive classrooms and schools across the country, the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) has created a national certificate of recognition to be bestowed upon recipients who have made positive contributions to inclusive education in their province or territory.

Three awards will be selected based on nominations that are received. Winners will be announced during Inclusive Education Week!

What is the nomination criteria?
An individual, non-profit group or organization that goes above and beyond what is expected in their role to initiate, inspire, promote, implement, support, advocate, develop or create unique opportunities that result in the enriched lives of students, with and without disabilities.

What are some indicators of successful inclusion?
Students are unconditionally accepted into all aspects of the life of the school, preschool, public school or the post-secondary education system. School is the foundation for inclusion.

The appropriate support to students and educators are provided to ensure that students can participate fully with their peers.

All students are seen for what they can do and build on that rather than focusing on what they cannot do. Limitations based on labels are removed.

The presence of strong leadership for inclusion and partnerships with parents and educators. The recognition and understanding that students achieve goals in different ways. Educators are knowledgeable about different ways of teaching so students with varying abilities and strengths can learn together.

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Inclusive Education Group

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Prince Edward Island Association for Community Living was pleased to take part in Inclusive Education Week in February 2011. It was most rewarding to see the high caliber of educators who were nominated for inclusion awards. Five inclusive education awards were presented on February 18 by Doug Currie, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.