Finding the Right Person for the Job


The high traffic McDonald’s in Montague had an opening for a Crew Member. Ideally, they were looking for a candidate who was outgoing, energetic and who had great customer service skills. They needed someone to act as an ambassador; someone who could represent the company well to its customers. It didn’t take long to match those skills sets with Colton Matheson.

Colton is 16 years old and attending grade 10 at Montague Regional High School. He is also very well known within his small community. More importantly for this story, he was well known to the management of the Montague McDonald’s. The restaurant has a long-standing commitment to hiring a diverse work force and when the vacancy occurred, management immediately thought of Colton as a potential candidate.

Colton has now completed his training and is working Saturdays during the busy lunch hour from 11:30 to 1:00. He is learning quickly and is mastering the duties he’s been assigned. He enjoys working with his peers and says that everyone is nice and are hard workers. His main duties include greeting customers and cleaning the dining room. After only a couple of days on the job, he has increased his duties and is now stocking and refilling behind the counter. Colton said the best parts of the job are the Fries and the pay cheque. He is saving up his pay for a pair of cowboy boots, black drum kit and eventually a side by side.

When Colton is not working, you can be sure that customers are asking if he’s working today and recognize when he’s not there. Colton is hoping that he can increase his hours in the summer time.

Colton spends a lot of his spare time practicing his music and plans on recording a music CD next month. Having this part time job (and hopefully summer employment) will give Colton much valuable work experience and greatly assist him in making decisions for his post school career, whatever that may be.

Source: Ready, Willing & Able, Volume 4, March 2014

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