2015 Federal Election – Caring for our Sons and Daughters Matter

CACL-Social-Media-post-FA-B (2)Enhance Tax Fairness & Community Innovation

Families are the front line of support, access and inclusion for children, youth and many adults with disabilities. Yet, the majority are without the financial resources, employment accommodations, or community support to play this role.

The federal government could play a leadership role in meeting needs and strengthening the role of families in making inclusion a reality, by enhancing tax fairness and investing in community innovation:


  1. Enhance the Canada Disability Child Benefit by improving benefits and transition to a ‘Child and Youth Benefit’ for eligible individuals age 19 to 30.
  2. Provide Canada Pension Plan contributions on behalf of family caregivers who have stayed out of the paid labour market in order to provide long-term support and care to a family member with significant disability. Expand capacity of families and caregivers to meet disability-related and respite needs through targeted initiatives to: 1) Provide information and navigation support to families supporting a family member with a disability; 2) Build family-to-family networks for mutual support;
  3. Promote disability- and family-friendly community and health care services; and 
  4. Strengthen employer support for family caregiving responsibilities as recommended by the ‘Employer Panel for Caregivers,’ released in January 2015.