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1st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Gala for PEIACL was a great success!

The Planning Committee had set 4 goals to reach.

Goal #1 – Reach our fundraising goal amount.

Goal #2 – To create awareness for PEIACL – 120 guests learned what PEIACL is all about

Goal #3 – To have a good time at the St. Patrick’s Day Gala. Based on the pictures & comments, a good time was had by everyone who was there that night.

Goal #4 – With the help of our host & hostesses all our guests would feel welcomed! Their generous contributions and work lead to a fun filled night for All.

A very big THANK YOU to all of you who brought or sold Pot-Of-Gold Tickets, gala tickets, collected donations, secured Entertainment, helped set up and decorate, shared your amazing cooking skills and travelled from all across the Island to be part of the Gala!

An extra big THANK YOU to those special people in our lives, our friends and families, their limitless help was so much appreciated and was the key to the success of our PEIACL Gala!

We are grateful. On behalf of: Pauline Kelly, Daniel Martens and the St. Patrick’s Day Gala for PEIACL Planning Committee