Ready, Willing & Able

“On August 31, 2018, Ready, Willing and Able’s 3-year pilot term ended. Due to recent changes in project funding, beginning September 1, 2018, the project will continue to operate in only a select few communities across Canada. Unfortunately, due to these funding limitations, RWA will no longer continue in Prince Edward Island. PEIACL wishes to thank all the excellent community partners who have worked with RWA over the last 3 years. Together with our 200+ national employment agency partners, we have helped realize over 2100 new employment opportunities since September 2014.

Please be aware that RWA currently has a proposal submitted to the Federal Government (as a component of the 2019-20 Federal budget) that, if funded, would see the program once again fully active in all our national communities.  We are hopeful that this proposal will garner positive federal support and will keep you apprised of any future changes to potential project funding via the RWA website (  PEIACL remains committed to advancing inclusion in the workplace and we hope to work with you again in the future!”