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Bolaji Lukman, Director at Large

Jyde Lukman

I am an advocate of helping people either through volunteering work or by other means without expecting anything in return. It is an intriguing opportunity to be part of PEIACL and the community as a whole .I have had a couple of volunteer experiences with United Nations High Commission for Refugees and UNICEF in Malaysia, and Canada Red Cross, PEI. This affords me the courage and strong connection to PEIACL, that I would be able to fulfil my obligation as required of me while bringing in new ideas and perspective that would be beneficial to the people of intellectual disabilities and their families. I love to explore and continually improve on my skills.  Be creative, think ahead and be prepared for any unexpected challenges.  Above all, the joy of having to help or be kind to someone gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I firmly believe in showing empathy and being kind to one another. We must support one another in achieving his/her intended goals.

Most importantly, respect all individuals regardless of their status.  I joined the PEI ACL to give back to the community.  I will be utilizing my skills in assisting this continually growing organization, not only to achieve its financial objective, but to be ready and willing to participate in all related corporate social responsibilities in a sustainable manner.