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Employment… my point of view

by Janet Charchuk My name is Janet Charchuk and I live in Alberton PEI. I am 29 years old and have Down syndrome. I am a self advocate with Voices at the Table Advocacy Committee (VATTA) with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS). Having a job that I enjoy is important to me. But it [Read More…]

The Road to Independence

by Suzanne Jones and Kevin Brennan Kevin’s road to independence has taken longer than one would like and not without its share of challenges. Kevin believed in his goal of finding employment and had tremendous support from his family. Through perseverance and a lot of determination he now considers himself to be living independently. Kevin’s journey [Read More…]

National Inclusive Education Week 2011

To highlight National Inclusive Education Week and to bring attention to the many positive examples of inclusive classrooms and schools across the country, the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) has created a national certificate of recognition to be bestowed upon recipients who have made positive contributions to inclusive education in their province or territory. [Read More…]